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Message from President:

Samuel O. Verdeja


Please register ASAP!

 Due to logistics and security reasons, we must abide by the following and with no exceptions:


  • After September 29th, no reduced special room rates for 1/1 Marines and guests at the Desoto Hotel.

  • To attend Parris Island activities, and travel by our Chartered Bus, Marines and guests must be registered, and payment received by October 7th. If you travel to Parris Island on your own, you must register with the base and obtain a one-day guest pass.  

  • After September 29th, those that registered late will be able to attend all Reunion activities, except ride on bus to Parris Island, and be part of the scheduled Battalion Banquet Luncheon at Parris Island.

The 2023 Reunion scheduled in Savannah Georgia, November 1st , 2nd, and 3rd, will be a memorable and historical occasion. The Battalion Auction will include some very interesting and valuable items including:
  • Vortex riflescopes

  • "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" Handmade quilt

  • Marines at Belleau Wood, mounted, unframed print

  • USMC Ka-Bar

  • ​Monolux M60 Spotting Scope with Tripod

  • Original M1 Garand (fully functional rifle) from the Civilian Marksmanship Program

  • Hawaiian Style Marine Emblems Shirt

  • Embossed Denim Marine Emblem Vest

  • Keurig Coffee Maker 

These items are viewable on the Auction Page and we expect more items to be added in the coming weeks.

Although we continue to receive Reunion Registrations from Veterans and guests, it is important that we

receive your registration form ASAP. Please remember to mail in your registration fee once you fill out the forms online to avoid late fee payments. Payment for the reunion should then be sent to: 1st Bn 1st Marines, PO Box 131947, 2000 County Rd B2 W, St Paul, MN 55113. If you have any difficulties with registration please contact Bill Bahan at: Also please call the DeSoto Hotel at: (855)703-4655. Group Code: 2310MARINE and make your room reservations.

memorial home_edited.png

1st Battalion 1st Marines Vietnam

1965 - 1971 

This site is a memorial to our fallen brothers and to the veterans in the 1st Battalion 1st Marine Regiment 1st Marine Division from 1965 - 1971 who served in Vietnam. 
We would like to invite all 1/1 veterans to join us at our next reunion: Nov 1st - 3rd, 2023 in Savannah, GA.
Look who will be coming to the reunion
November 1st - 3rd, 2023:
Dolia Gonzales
Gen Charles E Wilhelm
Maj Gen Ray Smith
Peter Abbott/Sharon Abbott
Dan Alix

William Bahan
Rudy Banks/Patricia Banks

Wayne Bauer/Chris Bauer
David Bertagnoli/Cherie Stallman
Bruce Bird
Edward Black/Katherine Black

Robert Black/Carol Black
William Boyd

Joe Bozzo/Helen Bozzo
Larry Brown/Donna Brown
Bobby Butler/Janice Butler

Michael Cassidy
Robert Costello
Jerry Cox/Linda Cox
Douglas Craig/Eleanor Craig
Francis Cray/Dennis Cray

Daniel Dean
Joseph Dowdle/Carol Dowdle

Bob Duke
James Fronkier/Gayle Fronkier

James Fulks
Robert Gaddy/Connie Dennis

Peter Glasgow/Patti Glasgow
Charles Hayman/Dahrie Hayman
Don Hill/Sharon Hill
Arcadio Hernandez/Ofelia Hernandez

Gary Holland/Hope Holland
William Holland/Marina Gomez Ordonez
John Hunsinger/Arlene Hunsinger
Logan Hunsinger
Taylor Hunsinger
Brooke Hunsinger
Robert Jackson
Alex Johnson
Ernest Johnson/Beverly Johnson
Ian Johnston

David Jones/Jill Jones
John Kaper/Pat Kaper
John Keeling/Evelyn Keeling
Don Kelly/Deborah Kelly

William Kendle/Arlys Kendle
Thomas Lewis/Sandra Lewis

William Lomen
Richard Lounders/Pauline Lounders
John Matthews/Carla Matthews
Ronald Moore/Ellen Moore
A Murphy/Christine Murphy
Lester B Musick
Bob Papineau

Ed Parasalowicz
Margaret Petersen
Stephen Price/Jenny Price
William Ring
John Robinson/Mary Robinson
Richard Russo

Nick Sabetto/Glen Ann Sabetto
Ron Scalise/Milagros Scalise
Kenneth Sellers/Dianne Sellers
George Sesto/Jeff Sesto
Mike Shannahan/Andrew Shannahan/Misty Gargan
Gene Simes/Anne Simes
Howard Smith/Lorraine Smith
Lee Solheid/Sherry Solheid
William Spiegel
Terry Strassburg

Mike Stricklin/Nancy Stricken
John Sullivan/Pamela Sullivan​
Carlos Thomas
Richard Turchek/Janice Turchek
Ernest Vaughn

Samuel Verdeja/Nelly Quesada
Roy Wiltrout
Francis Winczner/Angie Winczner 

Seth Wolfe/Charity Fox
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