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Samuel O. Verdeja, President
Douglas B. Craig, Vice President

2023 Reunion
Savannah, Georgia
The DeSoto Hotel
November 1st – November 3rd 
Reservations for the hotel can be made by calling TheDeSoto Hotel Central Reservations Number: (855)703-4655.
 Group Code:2310MARINE
Please fill out your registration form on this site and
send payment ASAP to avoid late fees charges.
Payment for the reunion should then be sent to:

1st Bn 1st Marines
PO Box 131947
2000 County Rd B2 W
St Paul, MN 55113


The reunion is fast approaching, and as is apparent from our website, we will again have a fundraising auction of donated items. Our last auction at the Texas reunion was very successful and raised several thousand dollars, a figure that we hope, with your support, to surpass this year. Sooo …. we need your donated items to sell!


Donate anything that you think fellow 1/1’ers might like. Handmade things, especially with Marine or 1/1emblems on them, always sell. But don’t just stick to that theme. In the past we’ve had military rank insignia, plaques, bumper stickers, cuckoo clocks, walking sticks, belts, vests, jackets, jewelry, quilts, and all sorts of things. We’re seeking a broad selection of items, in all price ranges. If you think something is cool, others probably will too.


Donations can be physical things, but don’t have to be. You can donate services, such as legal help, tax prep or landscaping consultation. A few of you high rollers might want to donate a week or weekend at your ski, golfing, or Caribbean condos. 


To donate, please bring the items with you and give them to us at registration. If that’s not convenient, you can ship them directly to the hotel addressed as follows:


            The Desoto Hotel

Attention:  Seth Wolfe,1/1 Marines Vietnam Reunion

            15 East Liberty Street

            Savannah, GA 31401


We would appreciate it if you would also email either me

(Seth Wolfe, <>), or Bill Bahan (<>), and let us know what you plan to bring. Please give us:


1. A description and jpeg image of the item

2. Your best guess as to its value

3. If there is a minimum bid we should accept for the item


We’ve been listing donated items on the website. However, if you are inspired to donate something at the last minute, just bring it and give it to us when you register.


See you in Savannah!


Seth Wolfe (Squid Whiskey)

Photo by Robert Koury
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