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Agent Orange exposure is officially classified as a “presumptive” factor causing Parkinson’s. Hence Sonny’s concern about 1/1 Veterans.

Could anyone from 1/1 who has developed Parkinson’s get in touch with: 
Sonny Longoria


FM 1283

MICO TX 78056

Mar 04

Looking for anyone who served with or knew Johnnie Wayne Cardwell, 1/1/C, served in Vietnam Nam July 1966 till Dec 1966, died Quang Nam province, I’m his brother Ron Cardwell,, would like to hear from anyone who served with or knew him.

Thanks for your service and all that you do!!

Sep 19, 2023

Mike Shannahan from Charlie 69-70. Son Andrew and daughter Misty have registered for the 2023 1/1 Reunion.

Mar 04
Replying to

Did you serve with or know

Johnnie Wayne Cardwell, served in 1/1/C from July 1966 to Dec 1966

Dan Swartz
Dan Swartz
Sep 04, 2023

I beleive 2 Marines still in Darwin Hospital in stable condition, I marine sent to Melbourne Hospital for better treatment. I would think some of the other 17 on light duty.

Darwin Hospital is 240 beds and they had to empty a few beds for 20 Marines. I doubt that we get the real story on what happened soon.

Dan SWartz alpa 2 radioman 1967

Dan Swartz
Dan Swartz
Aug 27, 2023

Marine osprey crash North of Darwin, Australia, 27 Aug 2023. 25 on board,3 dead 5 others in hospital. I might try seeing them later. I would think no visitor for a few days

Dan Swartz

Peter Glasgow
Peter Glasgow
Aug 12, 2023

Bill, I sent this note to your email but never received a response. Please help me out.

Pete Glasgow


Patti and I have had family matters that have risen and we have decided to cancel our registration to the 1/1 Reunion. We understand that we have until September 1, 2023 to cancel and get a refund. It is a disappointment we were looking forward to the trip.

Please call me if there are any problems.

Semper Fi,


Peter H. Glasgow

Patti J.Glasgow

Home: 734-454-9663

Aug 06, 2023

Frank Winczner & wife Angie to attend...

Alpha - 2nd Platoon 1967

george sesto
george sesto
Jul 31, 2023


Photo by Robert Koury
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